Hello and welcome to my blog.
My name is Erik Kirland and I love everything digital. In my blog you will find everything associated to my thoughts on the subject matter and the path that formed my interest in the digital age!


My name is Erik Kirkland and I am a Digital Media university lecturer as well as a consultant in the same field.
I love everything digital as in today’s day and age we simply cannot avoid it whether we like it or not.

The love of digital media comes from the fact that it is such a simple term that expands into a vast array of niches, such as advertising, user experience, graphic design and the list goes on… this is exactly why I love it so much.

I have dedicated this blog as a “type” of diary to jot down my ideas and essentially vent out all those thoughts that build up in my head. I think it is good to have a permanent place to store those thoughts and come back to them for future reference.

I have made it a public blog for all to see and I very much welcome people’s opinion and constructive criticism.

I hope you enjoy!


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