Chinese Vs British Teaching Methadologies – Which Do You Agree With?

This is very much a continuation of my previous post, but I think it is very interesting and as this is essentially my diary, I have decided to force it upon you hehe :).

In short it is about British pupils who learn the harsh reality about discipline in the Chinese classroom and begs the questions “Are our kids being taught enough in the class room and are they tough enough to handle more?
Of course this question applies to teachers such as myself and whether we are doing enough to help mould our students for the realities of business life and survival?

5 Chinese Teachers Take on 50 Pupils – Who Wins?

In this experiment these 5 Chines teachers teach their typical ways to the British student which includes: no questions unless instructed, no talking unless being asked a question, wear specific uniform and having to endure a full 12 hours of school (from 7am to 7pm).
However, the discipline did not just stop of mental exercising but also included compulsory physical education such as long distance running and even exercise during break time.

Should we try this in Canada? I think it would be interesting, to at least show the students how lucky they have it and it may even create a more respectful relationship between teacher and student?

So Who Wins?

Of course this is not about winners or losers, but more so about recognizing differences in society. However, needless to say, most teens found it difficult to adapt to these new methodologies and even described their Chinese teachers as “rude” and “unreasonable”.
So what did the teachers think? One teacher had to complain about how “chaotic” the classrooms are to the head teacher.


So What Do We Learn From The Outcome?

Often we see such circumstances as one being better than the other depending on whose side you are on.
But I think under such circumstances it could well be a way of finding a middle ground to direct teens down the right path?
Personally, I feel the Chinese method is very excessive, but I also feel that schools around the democratic world are getting very lackadaisical to say the least. We should look at other nations as an example and certainly implement at least some parts of the methodology to better prepare our students in the future. And to better prepare our students means getting teachers (me included) trained up and do a better job. It is not about punishment, but rather about learning… and why not make learning fun but with guidelines?

Any thoughts anyone? Are we getting too soft?

Erik Kirkland


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